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Rick Keller

Rick Keller
Realtor® Broker/ Owner

Rick Keller a native Las Vegan, has been active in the Las Vegas real estate community since 1986. Fresh out of college he knew where his interest lies. In watching the beautiful city of Las Vegas change, Rick wanted to be a part of this growth within his community. He obtained his real Estate License and joined Americana Group Realtors to begin his venture. Rick began purchasing small investment properties with profit in mind. Realizing he had talent in this area, he decided to make management his priority and began to offer these services to all his clients. Once realizing the reputation Rick was rapidly gaining, the Broker/owner of Americana Group approached him with the idea of opening a Property Management Division to better serve their clients. Thus, Americana Property Management was incorporated in 1993. Rick took this company from a modest 35 to 400+ rental homes by the year 2001. It was then Rick realized maybe it was time to be on his own. He successfully made this transition without compromising any client's needs and maintaining the quality along with the customer service his clients had come to know within his company. To further simplify the transfer the Americana name stayed with him for the benefit of not only the owners but also the tenants. Once everyone was acclimated with his new and improved business, he took his own name in 2001 and began phase two of the growth he and Las Vegas had begun in 1986. Keller N Jadd became the new name which held a lot more significance by marrying his family into the business. Keller being Rick and his wife Kristin, who heads up the Accounting Department for the company. Jadd being Rick and Kristin's four children's initials John, Angela, Derrick and Derrion. Ricks family, standing by him and supporting him through this entire growth, share every achievement and all the pride involved in watching Keller N Jadd become what it is today, A Real Estate Sales, Property Management, and Investment Company with $200,000,000+ in assets under management. In 2007 Rick was fortunate to recruit Steve Ord, his son in law, to the brokerage who serves as General Manager. In 2014 Rick was happy to welcome his son Derrick Keller to the growing business. Derrick is trained and prepared to carry on the traditions of Keller n’ Jadd for years to come. Keller N Jadd will continue to grow and always look for new ways of satisfying and assisting all our clients to ensure growth and success in their Real Estate sales and investments.
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